Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fall... A Couple Months Later

So I went on this hike with my siblings and the husby and I took my camera with me so I could take all these pictures and then come home and blog about it! I was so excited and I took lots of pictures... but I never did a blog post. Fail! So I am doing it now... a couple months later. Hopefully it will give us a little warmth during this frigid Logan weather.
So we got my brother Zac and his cutest wifey Laura and my other brother Nak and his cutest girlyfriend Anna to come up to logan and go on a hike to see the pretty leaves changing.

Zac and Laura
Nak and Anna
Tyson's brother Derek came too

Derek and Tyson
Tyson and I did the Crimson Trail hike up Logan Canyon last year and loved it and had been wanting my siblings to come up and do it again with us so bad, so we were so excited. They drove up and enjoyed the pretty changing leaves through sardine canyon and then we got together, gathered up the pups, and headed on our way.

The beginning of the hike is a little rough. It's all these switch backs forever and it's steep! But then you got to the top of the mountain and it's so, so pretty! 



The hike is pretty long and it ends by the river. It's all so pretty! The dogs had fun too! After the hike we were starving and went to Cafe Sabor to eat.

It was so, so fun having them come to Logan and visit. Hopefully they'll come again soon!


  1. Twinny Twinnnn so fun!!! I didn't know such hikes were in Logan! Like I have been in Sardine Canyon a million times and never went on such a hike. Can I come visit and you can hold my hand through the hike? I can be there in...15 hours. Love you and your fam!

  2. Jo Jo!! The hike is by like 2nd dam and stuff, not in sardine canyon! but yes, it's such a fun hike, please come visit logan and we will go! Are you here yet?!