Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fall... A Couple Months Later

So I went on this hike with my siblings and the husby and I took my camera with me so I could take all these pictures and then come home and blog about it! I was so excited and I took lots of pictures... but I never did a blog post. Fail! So I am doing it now... a couple months later. Hopefully it will give us a little warmth during this frigid Logan weather.
So we got my brother Zac and his cutest wifey Laura and my other brother Nak and his cutest girlyfriend Anna to come up to logan and go on a hike to see the pretty leaves changing.

Zac and Laura
Nak and Anna
Tyson's brother Derek came too

Derek and Tyson
Tyson and I did the Crimson Trail hike up Logan Canyon last year and loved it and had been wanting my siblings to come up and do it again with us so bad, so we were so excited. They drove up and enjoyed the pretty changing leaves through sardine canyon and then we got together, gathered up the pups, and headed on our way.

The beginning of the hike is a little rough. It's all these switch backs forever and it's steep! But then you got to the top of the mountain and it's so, so pretty! 



The hike is pretty long and it ends by the river. It's all so pretty! The dogs had fun too! After the hike we were starving and went to Cafe Sabor to eat.

It was so, so fun having them come to Logan and visit. Hopefully they'll come again soon!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wedding Video 2

Here's the other part of our wedding video! Chris McClain did such a good job. The password is "heinz"

Friday, November 11, 2011

Wedding Video

I forgot to post the wedding video in my last post! Here's the link... 

You must watch it! Our videographer did such a good job! This is the temple footage only... Hopefully he'll get us the reception soon! 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wedding Day 07/21/11

Soo.... Let me tell you about our wedding day. It was so perfect, I loved everything about it. But first here are a few engagement pictures and bridals...

Now the bridals....

La Caille

La Caille
La Caille

My Aunt and Uncle's where the reception was held

Aunt and Uncle's

Aunt and Uncle's 
Aunt and Uncle's

Aunt and Uncle's

We got married on July 21, 2011 in the Salt Lake Temple. It was such a nice day outside. We got married at 11:00 a.m. and of course I was running late. First of all, I went to bed at like 2 or 3 in the morning, because I saved packing for the honeymoon for the last minute. Packing took longer than expected because the honeymoon destination was a surprise, so I didn't know what to pack for... and I just take forever to pack. The next morning, I didn't anticipate my hair taking as long as it did, and I didn't give Rachelle (Tyson's sister/my hair stylist) enough time. It was probably the most anxiety I've ever had. Sitting in a chair having my hair done and not knowing how close it was to being done, having people constantly come in and out telling us we needed to go, didn't have my make up done, wasn't dressed, camera guy there trying to film the "getting ready", Tyson and his parents arriving to drop off Biggie (Ty's dog) and them rushing us to be ready, and all the while I was sitting there unable to do a thing. It was probably giving Rachelle a heart attack because all the pressure was on her. AND my bag for the honeymoon was way too heavy and big and needed to be downsized. We finally got on our way and downtown/the temple was packed with lots of weddings, so parking was hectic, but we made it!
Once we got to the temple, everything went smooth and was perfect. The ceremony was amazing and we had so many people there to support us. It was so fun having my best friends Kristi and Jenny there, I wish I could have been to there weddings! I was a baby all day and kept crying! But it was obviously happy crying. After the ceremony we took pictures for a long time. It was very warm outside, especially in a wedding dress, and by the end of pictures, we couldn't wait to eat. 

Husband and Wifey

The whole crew


My family

Cute grandparents

Where my girls at

Bestest Friends

Tyson's family

My pretty ring


Our luncheon was at 2 at Christopher's Prime Steakhouse and Grill. I had never been there before, but it was a really nice steakhouse downtown and way good! The luncheon was fun, we had speeches from all the siblings, which of course, many of them made me cry. Everyone was so nice and we had so many people there to support us. 

After the luncheon we had to rush to my aunt and uncle's where the reception was being held in their beautiful backyard. Let me give you a tour of the reception... 

Entrance to get to the house
Their house and yard is absolutely amazing! I'm so lucky that they were so nice to let me hold the reception there. The reception was so much fun. We had a photo booth at the front.

Guests would take pictures in the booth and keep one copy and paste the other copy in our book

Book Signing table next to PhotoBooth
then around back...

The pathway back
we had Cafe Rio catering

Yum! Cafe Rio

We also had shaved ice 

Katie and Rob
and cupcakes (Temptation Cupcake, Tyson's brother's cupcake shop) being served as well. They even made my little cake!

Cupcake Table
My cute little cake
Aren't we kind to each other?
We also had a DJ playing music and getting the dancing going at the end. 

Dance Floor

My best friend Natalie Johnson, and her mom Celeste (my second mother) did all my flowers. They were so pretty.

Pretty center peices (thanks to everyone who helped!)

Our pretty flowers, compliments of Natalie and Celeste
My amazing mom helped me find these awesome window panes and doors from old buildings and houses that were torn down and she antiqued them and we used them as frames. They are SO cute! I love them and now have them hanging in my house. We had the antique doors as a backdrop where we stood and the different window panes hanging around trees and on easels. She also found these amazing outdoor chandeliers.

Antique door backdrop with cute little chandeliers
One of the cute outdoor chandeliers
Water area with window pane picture frame and planter
The windows displayed at the luncheon

At the end, for our send off, we let off floating lanterns. THEY ARE SO COOL! I'm obsessed with these things... my dad was so against the idea because he didn't want to be liable for the mass destruction that they could easily cause. I let him shut the idea down, but my mom bought them anyways! It was quite hilarious. We made him come out and watch our trial run a couple days before the wedding... yeah, it didn't go so well. the wind caught the open flamed lantern and took it right into a high tree where it was stuck burning. I ran after it screaming and my mom came after it with a rake trying to get it down before we burned down the neighborhood... and my dad? he immediately ran inside saying he wasn't apart of this! Well we still let them off... and it was a success! they seriously are the coolest things. Such a fun send off. Thank you mother for getting them!

Lighting the lantern and waiting for it to rise

Rising up!
Well that was the reception. It was so much fun! I didn't want it to end. Have I bored you yet? Hopefully not... because I need to introduce the wedding party! I have an amazing family, new family and friends! My mom is the most helpful and best wedding planner I could ask for. My friends, dad, siblings, and Tyson's fam were all so helpful with everything as well. Couldn't have done it without them!

My family!
My new fam
Wedding Party, do i have enough of them?
My Sisters
Tyson's Sisters/My New Sisters
My bridesmaids and bestest friends
My cute dad
My incredible mom
Cutest nephew
Nic's cutest girlfriend Anna
Katie and her boyfriend Rob
My newest niece on Tyson's side. Isn't her outfit/headband the cutest? (Taylor and Derek's baby)
Well that is the wedding day! So fun! Couldn't have been a better day and I owe it all to my mom. Thank you for everything! Oh and my sweet husband who married me... Love you baby cakes!